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Repco Technology Ltd.
3 Fairlands Park
Cannon Hill
West Midlands

Telephone: 02476 419808
Fax: 02476 690717
Email: sales@repco-tech.co.uk

What It Does

The POLIANGOLAR is a simple, easily operated attachment, that produces blind or through bores in the shape of regular or irregular polygons, having sharp or chamfered edges.

The tool operates with a hunting, cutting rotary motion which, in addition to standard hexagon and square holes, can also produce star-shapes, grooves, oblongs, rectangular, trapezoidal and other shaped profiles.

The broaching operation can be successfully performed on a variety of materials including steel, brass, aluminium and other alloys. Profiles can also be cut on hard woods and plexiglas, using tools having special rake angles. Machining times are usually very short, for example, a 17mm hexagon, 20mm deep, in hard steel, would take between 35 & 45 seconds.

Visit our "Keyway Cutting Tool" page for keyway applications.

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