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Repco Technology Ltd.
"Number Three"
Siskin Drive
Middlemarch Business Park
West Midlands

Telephone: 02476 214442

Email: sales@repco-tech.co.uk

Machining Instructions

To achieve the optimum results from your OMEGA feed fingers, the drilling operation should be performed carefully.

Overheating the synthetic material during drilling can change both the characteristics of it's operation and also the final size of the hole. The use of non-chamfered bar will greatly reduce the life of the material.

Drilling Sizes

For round bar it is recommended that a hole is drilled 0.5mm smaller than the bar to be handled. For square and hexagonal bar, we recommend you drill a round hole 0.7mm smaller than the dimension across the corners. It should be noted that the 0.5mm interference is the maximum for a round section bar, this will generally be too tight for most applications, and you should experiment to find the optimum drill size for your size of bar and drill type - THE RIGHT FEEL IS THE RIGHT SIZE!

Drilling Cycle

The drilling operation should be performed at a high rpm with a slow feed rate, using a sharp drill. The use of 'bright finish, quick spiral' drills will give the best results. The same procedure should be followed when opening up the bore to a larger size.

Care taken during the drilling operation will ensure a long life and an extremely efficient operation.

If you prefer to talk to us directly call us on 02476 214442