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Repco Technology Ltd.
3 Fairlands Park
Cannon Hill
West Midlands

Telephone: 02476 419808
Fax: 02476 690717
Email: sales@repco-tech.co.uk

Range, Capacity and Availability


Multi-Spindle Auto's - Feed Fingers


 Ref         Type  Capacity  Availability 
 OM001 Wickman 5/8"  16mm    In Stock 
 OM003 Wickman 1"   25.4mm   In Stock 
 OM004 Wickman 30mm  26mm    In Stock 
 OM005 Wickman 1 3/8"  36mm    In Stock 
 OM007 Wickman 1 3/4"  44.5mm    In Stock
 OM009  Wickman 2 1/4" 54mm   CHECK
 OM040 Schutte 30   27.5mm   In Stock
 OM074 Gridley 1 3/4" - 2"  47mm   In Stock
 OM075 Gridley 1 1/4"  31.5mm    CHECK
 OM076 Gridley 7/16"   11mm   CHECK
 OM077 Gridley 1"  26.5mm    In Stock
 OM078 Gridley 1 3/8"  35mm    CHECK
 OM073  Gridley 1 5/8  40mm   In Stock
 OM080 Davenport 9/16"  14mm    In Stock
 OM082 Davenport 3/4"  19.5mm    In Stock
 OM096 New Britain   30mm   CHECK


If your particular requirement is not listed - contact us.


Multi-Spindle Auto's - Feed Tube Bushes


 Ref Mchine Type  Capacity  Availability 
 OM401 Wickman 5/8"   18mm  In Stock
 OM403 Wickman 1"    30mm  In Stock
 OM405 Wickman 1 3/8"    38mm  In Stock
 OM407 Wickman 1 3/4"   44mm  In Stock
 OM409 Wickman 2 1/4"   56mm  In Stock
 OM419  BSA 48  10mm  CHECK



Single-Spindle Auto's - Feed Fingers


 Ref Machine Type  Capacity  Availability 
 OM017 Type 10  8mm   In Stock
 OM018 10AA  18mm   CHECK
 OM019 10A  12.7mm   In Stock
 OM020 11A  16.5mm  In Stock
 OM023 21A  19.5mm   In Stock
 OM024 BSA 88L / 25L (CVA16) 25mm   In Stock
 OM026 BSA 98  27.5mm   In Stock
 OM027 BSA 138 (1 1/2")  42mm   In Stock
 OM029 BSA 168   53.5mm  In Stock
 OM034 Brown & Sharpe 22  25.4mm   In Stock
 OM038 Brown & Sharpe 22H 30.5mm   In Stock
 OM060 Index 12 (OR) 12mm   In Stock
 OM062 Index 18 (C19)  17mm   In Stock
 OM064 Index 24 (B30)(C29)  24.5mm   In Stock
 OM066 Index 25  25mm  In Stock
 OM070 Index 36 (B42)  34mm   In Stock
 OM072 Index 52 (B60)(2B)  52mm   In Stock


If your particular requirement is not listed - contact us.


For Bar Feeders - Pushers / Grippers


 Ref  Bar Feeder Type  Capacity  Availability 
 OM303 Cucchi 1"  24mm   In Stock
 OM307 Cucchi 1 3/4"  39mm   In Stock
 OM309 Cucchi 2 1/4" 53 mm   In Stock
 OM326 Cucchi PB26  22.5mm   In Stock
 OM340 Cucchi 1 3/8"(40)(PB38)  37mm   In Stock
 OM310 FMB 10  6.5mm  In Stock
 OM315 FMB 15 (D15) 11mm   In Stock
 OM320 FMB 20  16mm   In Stock
 OM332 FMB 32  27mm   In Stock
 OM342 FMB 42  37mm   In Stock
 OM311 Iemca 10mm  6.5mm   In Stock
 OM312 Iemca 12mm  8.5mm   In Stock
 OM313 Iemca special  9.5mm   In Stock
 OM316 Iemca 16mm  12.5mm   In Stock
 OM318 Iemca 18mm  14.2mm   In Stock
 OM352 Iemca 20mm  16mm   In Stock
 OM327 Iemca 26mm  22.5mm   In Stock
 OM373 Tornos Robobar  21mm   In Stock
 OM383 Alps 32mm  27mm   Check
 OM384 Alps 42mm  37mm   Check
 OM315  Hagenuk D15  11mm  In Stock


If you prefer to talk to us directly call us on 02476 419808