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Linear Motion Actuators

Linear actuators in open design (also known as damper actuators) are used in industrial areas in which flaps with high torque requirements or complete valve systems are to be adjusted sensitively. ARIS has always been one of the few providers to list such drives in their product portfolio. These damper actuators are often used in plant construction for the automotive industry, where they operate their 3-shift operation for the adjustment of complex valve systems. High reliability is required for this application. The linearis actuators are, of course, free of substances which are not harmful to paint, so that they can be safely used in automotive plants. “LABS-free” is regularly checked and certified by the Frauenhofer Institute

In 2014, the damper actuators were completely revised. The use of a high-helix spindle reduces the required motor speeds and ensures a clean and smooth running. The IGUS dryspin® spindle nut used allows a dry running so that no regular maintenance work is required. Due to the smooth and dry spindle, the unprotected use is also possible in a dirty environments. The use of a bellows is no longer required. Robust, milled aluminum bearing blocks with open long holes allow simple assembly by only one person. With the exchangeable drive head, the flap adjuster remains always flexible and can be adapted to changing requirements even after years by just changing the actuator. The Linearis is available as standard with stroke lengths 150 and 300 mm. Other stroke lengths are also available on request.





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