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Repco Technology Ltd.
"Number Three"
Siskin Drive
Middlemarch Business Park
West Midlands

Telephone: 02476 214442

Email: sales@repco-tech.co.uk

Carbon Steel (1.2003)

Hardened Tool Steel W.-Nr. 1.2003 – 75Cr1 – AISI 1075

Composition: C: 0,70-0,80%, Si: 0,25-0,50%, Mn: 0,60-0,80%, P: max. 0,03%, S:

max. 0,03%, Cr: 0,30-0,40% Condition: hardened and tempered, unpolished.

Flatness max. 0.2% of the strip width, cut edges.

A small amount of Chromium leads to a higher wear resistance and better hardening

for large widths. This alloy is also suitable for small tools due to a Rockwell hardness

of 47-51 HRC.

If you prefer to talk to us directly call us on 02476 214442